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Children are the littlest ambassadors to our world. I have devoted my life's efforts to making sure they are received properly. Please join me in helping to provide a better reception for our littlest ambassadors.

Featured below is my letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, asking for his cooperation in ending child homicide in all its forms, along with age and gender discrimination.

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Ambassador Califorrniaa
Juridic Embassy

In 1998, after almost two years of feasibility research, Mr. Califorrniaa initiated the micro intensive care units project (Micro ICU Project) to advance incubator care for babies starting at fertilization. In the icon at right, the circle represents a baby in the human egg.

micro icu


Advances in fluidic technologies, absorbable materials, and 3D-printing make it possible to save a baby in an ectopic pregnancy by delivering the baby from the ectopic pregnancy site with the gestational sac intact, incubating the baby submerged in a life-sustaining fluid circulating over the gestational sac, encapsulating the baby in an absorbable transfer capsule, and reimplanting the baby in the uterus. The capsule dissolves in the uterus so the baby can reattach. The life-sustaining fluid is circulated over the gestational sac via catheter lines while the baby is in the capsule and also while reattaching. U.S. Patent No. 10,245,075

Click on the PDF icon below to read about this new advancement in care for babies in ectopic pregnancies.

U.S. Patent No. 10,245,075
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Letter to His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, requesting UN cooperation in ending child homicide in all its forms, along with age and gender discrimination.

October 13, 2014


H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon

Secretary General of the United Nations

Dear Mr. Secretary-General,

Greetings and Happy New Year!

I am writing to complain of the improper conduct of the United Nations Organization on the occasion of Ms. Emma Watson’s speech on women’s rights, which was given on September 20, 2014.

During her speech, the United Nations did not break its silence until it burst into loud applause the very moment Ms. Watson used what is widely recognized to be a coded expression in favor of pregnancy-related child homicide.

The progress of women and girls must not be preconditioned upon their acceptance of child homicide to hide the embarrassments that are often raised when they get pregnant as a consequence of exploring new freedoms.

However, the coincidence of the loud applause given by the United Nations, contrasted with its previous silence, gives the impression of reinforcing the notion that women and girls cannot be trusted with rights until they embrace abortion.

All human beings are conceived free and equal in dignity and rights.

I ask the United Nations to join me in condemning child homicide in all its forms, along with age and gender discrimination.

Please accept my best wishes for world peace and a better United Nations.


Mr. Eurica Califorrniaa, Amb.

Juridic Embassy


Scott P. Roeder, as Next Friend of Unborn and Partially Born Individuals under Sentence of Death, Petitioner, v. Derek Schmidt, Attorney General of the State of Kansas, Respondent.

This case sought a stay of execution on behalf of unborn and partially born individuals under sentence of death. It presented a secularist argument to establish the suggestion of personhood on behalf of the unborn and partially born. The case originated at the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas and at the Supreme Court of the United States, without comment by either court or the State of Kansas. Of interest to journalists is the memorandum filed at the Kansas Supreme Court. Of interest to lawyers is the revision of the doctrine of stare decisis discussed in the petition for rehearing. Of interest to diplomats and humanitarians is the proof of personhood presented in the petition for certioarari. Despite the persistent failure of the United States to accept it, the whole world is called upon to accept and promote equality with the unborn. Click on the pdf icon below to read the case file.

Case File


Click on the PDF icons below for literature concerning the advancement of care for babies before implantation.

U.S. Patent No. 9,056,039 B1, "Method of thermoregulation within an incubator for babies before implantation," Califorrniaa, issued June 16, 2015

U.S. Patent No. 8,292,798 B2, "Incubator for babies before implantation," Califorrniaa, issued Oct. 23, 2012

U.S. Patent No. 7,121,998 B1, "Vented microcradle for prenidial incubator," Califorrniaa, issued Oct. 17, 2006

U.S. Patent No. 6,694,175 B1, "Method of monitoring the body temperature of human embryos and hatchlings," Califorrniaa, issued Feb. 17, 2004

Califorrniaa, "Thermoregulation of human embryos and hatchlings in a prenidial incubator using infrared microthermography," Trends in Reproductive Biology, Vol. 1, pp. 63-67, 2005.

Trends Reprod Biol 1, 2005, 63
Califorrniaa, "Response to Eisenberg and Schenker [The duties of ethical committees applied to human reproduction (J Assist Reprod Genet 1996;13:689-697)]," Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Vol. 14, No. 6, pp. 364-365, 1997.

J Reprod Med Genet 14(6), 1997, 364


Click on the PDF icon below for a basic instruction manual for Koala® brand incubators for babies before implantation and to learn about limited academic licensing opportunities. We need "micro" incubators such as these to care properly for the littlest ambassadors to our world! Koala is a registered trademark of Eurica Califorrniaa.

Koala® Incubators


Mr. Califorrniaa invented a new way of reading Braille called "self-scrolling" Braille. Patent Pending. The way it works is shown in the first YouTube video below (in Swedish). The second YouTube video below shows Phillip Ana, the first blind person to try the new Braille device.

U.S. Published Patent Application No. 2018/0342176 A1, "Self-scrolling Braille," Califorrniaa, published Nov. 29, 2018

US 2008/0342176
Eureka! I found water!

The ambassador's hobby is space exploration. He has published a paper about collecting water on the Moon.

It turns out water impinges on the lunar surface like molecular rain. Unlike on Earth which has a dense atmosphere, there are very few other molecules in the way to block the path of this molecular rain as it bounces around in the heat of the day on the Moon. Without molecules to block or suspend it, then what goes up must come down. And it all adds up to something--something big! In terms of the hydrogen content expressed as an H2O equivalent, this constant "rain" from the sunlit lunar ambience amounts to a peak of almost 1 liter of water per square meter per year at latitude 60 degrees. So there is no need to go to the poles to get water. It can be collected even at the equator! (See article below for details.)

Adv Space Res 55, 2015, 1705

Mr. Califorrniaa received a U.S. Patent for his "method of collecting water on the Moon." Click on the pdf icon below to read a copy of the patent grant.


Mr. Califorrniaa also received a U.S. patent for his "method of collecting water on a spaceship traveling in space." Click on the pdf icon below to read a copy of the patent grant.

Mr. Califorrniaa's patent application has been published for an extremely easy and economical way to process ambient water-group species captured on the Moon and in space by using membrane-based electrolyzer technologies. In a nutshell, the collection device rolls out like plastic sheeting, water-group species are captured on a thin film of an ionic liquid covering the top of the sheeting, and electricity passes the captured water-group species through the top sheet and into a collection envelope formed between top and bottom sheets. Click on the pdf icon below to read a copy of the published patent application.

Other patents by Mr. Califorrniaa:

U.S. Patent No. 6,285,303 B1, "Gate table data compression and recovery process," Califorrniaa, issued Sep. 4, 2001

US 6,285,303
U.S. Patent No. 6,959,314 B1, "Method of translating Boolean algebra into basic algebra," Califorrniaa, issued Oct. 25, 2005

US 6,959,314
In response to election turmoil in the United States, Mr. Califorrniaa has developed a "voter consistency test" to mathematically examine election results in the manner of forensic science. Described in video and spreadsheet below.

Voter Consistency Test Spreadsheet